So I just took a look at the 6 months of the year and here is what I came up with 56 opens and 53 closes.

Some highlights from the open category are

•Antojo, the new Mexican restaurant on Argyle.
•Apartment 3 bringing a coffee house to Sackville.
•Habaneros opening in Halifax Shopping Centre, and one in Clayton Park with Cheese Curds
•Chains A&W, Starbucks, Thai Express, Harveys all opening new locations
•Lily Pad Cat Cafe opened

Red Lunchbox a new vegan restaurant opened and then closed a few weeks later on Quinpool

On the close side of things

•4 locations of the Smiling Goat, 2 of Wicker Emporium and 2 P’lovers quickly bumped up the total
•Strip club icon Ralph’s closed its doors (currently a Shell being built)
•Once a powerhouse of retail, Sears Canada is now defunct.
•Hydrostone gem Epicurious Morsels retired.
•After 42 years of selling kids clothes, Bib n’ Tucker retired

Many of the stories of the first 6 months all seem to be tied to coffee with the ongoing saga that is the Smiling Goat, Tim Horton’s alienating the public and franchisees, and some management restructuring at Anchored Coffee/Two if by Sea.

While the Open-Close ratio is close there are quite a few bright spots on the horizon with 2 breweries and a Good Luck cafe soon opening Downtown Dartmouth, The Ostrich Club and Lara’s Cafe opening in North End Halifax a Hot Topic on its way as well as lots of other to be revealed and confirmed renos for Mic Mac.

So that is just a quick recap, we will do it again in six months!