Every March now I do some sort of elimination bracket, this year I went back to find a restaurant that I hadn’t eaten at like I did in 2016.
With hundreds of places to eat scattered all over HRM sometimes things get missed, or sometimes it’s just a matter of geography from where I work and live.
So I came up with a list of 64 restaurants I had never eaten at and separated them into groups of 16 and then randomly generated the matchups.
Then whoever wins I would eat at.

The Core

The first group was restaurants on the peninsula

Before randomizing I expected the final 4 would be Elle’s The Other Bean, A Frite and Kitchen Table. Elle’s Bistro took this round.

Outside the Core

Next up was restaurants near the core and in Dartmouth and teh Eastern Shore.

From this group I expected the final 4 to be The Watch That Ends The Night, The Anchor, Usta and Lazeezo. Usta and Lazeezo didn’t even make it out of the first round. The Fairview gastro pub The Anchor took the win in this group.

New Asia

I then created a group of Asian restaurants scattered throughout town

I really had no idea how this group would go, but I predicted Go 2 Eat, Jincheng, Roll it Up and Man Bean to go on, all 4 lost their first-round match. Let’s Ko the Bedford Highway Korean takeout took this round.

Mild West

Finally a group of suburban restaurants West of the core was the final group of 16.

This group I thought would be Vernon’s Thunderbird Diner, Edible Matters, Sydelle’s and the Esquire. Longtime Bedford Highway icon the Esquire walked away from this round. How have I never been to the Esquire? Well it just has never been near where I live my life and there was always a closer diner.

Then Esquire, Elle’s Bistro, The Anchor and Let’s Ko had a 4 way vote and by the narrowest of margins in a 3 way battle, Elle’s Bistro took the crown.

Before heading to Elle’s, I asked followers what I should eat and there was a variety of answers, from the burgers to sandwiches to bennys.  Today I headed to the well loved Barrington Street diner.

I was immediately and enthusiastically greeted when, I entered. I was told I could choose which ever table I liked. I browsed the menu but I already knew I was going to have a burger but which one?
I settled on “Pete’s Blue Cheese Burger: a burger topped with an Onion ring, blue cheese, a heat mustard and jalapeno and I had it with a side of home fries. $10.90

When I received my burger I was asked what I would like for my fried, Ketchup Vinegar etc . I settled on malt vinegar, and my server suggested I try it with RoRo’s hot sauce, and I love that he mentioned it was a locally made sauce. The burger was very good with the right amount heat so it was spicy but but you still tasted all the other flavours. As for the home fries, oh those home fries they did not need any sauce at all they were perfectly cooked, seasoned, and great just how they are. (I did try one with the hot sauce, and it was good)

Service was great, food was great
I am sorry I hadn’t been sooner
I’ll be back for sure
but next time I’ll go on the weekend when I hear they have a special called Eggs Halifax, which is a house made tea biscuit topped with a poached egg and then covered with seafood chowder.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who voted, you did good!!

You can find all of Elle’s details here on their website