Vero Pizzeria is now open in Dartmouth Crossing by the playground. Vero is a quick serve, build in front of you pizza concept from the folks behind Krave Burger

Northern Watters Knitwear and Tartan Shop from Charlottetown are now open in Historic Properties

The folks that ran the Sukiyaki in Mic Mac Mall for 20+ years before closing earlier this year have opened up their own restaurant in Woodside where Hum’s Kitchen on Pleasant St. was, just north of the Circumferential. Taste Garden has Chinese dishes, teriyaki rice and of course yakisoba.

The Wyse Rd Scotiabank at the bridge is closing in October, merging into Portland St.

Halifax ReTales Closed

Lady Luck has closed their Portland St. store, but their Hydrostone location is still open

The Smiling Goat on Spring Garden that was formerly Just Us was locked out by their Landlord this week. The signs are all gon and For Lease is back up at the proposed new location on Washmill as well.

It just opened in February but Quinpool vegan restaurant The Red Lunchbox has already closed.

Blue Apples Arts and Wellness Centre on Blowers at the mouth of Argyle has closed their shop and vegan cafe. It has not been a good week if you serve vegan and you have a colour in your name.

Caldwell Pizza has closed shop, but it won’t be empty long Baini Pizza will be opening next month.

Roberts Emporium om Elm @ Chebucto (behind European Pantry) is gone


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Like I mentioned a couple months ago. Brunello Estates confirmed that work on the Timberlea Sobeys will begin in August for a 2019 opening.

It’s been slow since I first heard about it but Costco in Bayers Lake is expected to have their gas station ready in September. Not sure how their discounts will work here but in NB, they sell at 10¢ less /L

Toys R Us agreed to sell Canadian division to Fairfax Financial
so Toys R Us Canada is saved now

When’s Cabela’s opening?
originally I heard it was supposed to open last week
What’s the delay?
Their parent Bass Pro Shops has decided to open the first hybrid
Bass Pro and Cabela’s store in the world! They have some reconfiguring.Look for them to open in the coming weeks

Cheers in The Dome complex is renovating to become RUDB which seems to have a menu of elevated street food, burgers, grilled, cheese, tacos in a bag …

Geebo is moving their Queen St cell repair shop to Gottingen across from the library

Here are a rendering and drawing I have found of the former Mic Mac Mall Target. Though I hear conflicting information whether SportChek is still part of it. Indigo and Line Chest are confirmed.

Wicker Emporium is operating under a creditor protection; the only store closure locally is the previously mentioned Bedford Common?

I hear Reflections Cabaret is under new ownership and will undergo renovations in May. Maybe a name change, but hear a more upscale concept.

The Infirmary and Victoria General complexes will start serving Starbucks coffee and tea this week, In June social enterprise Mindful Mango will be taking over the food service in the centre zone cafes. This means the Mindful Mango in Bayers Rd Centre will be closing after 8 years.  The Starbucks offering will expand at a few spots later this year and add espresso-based drinks.

The folks at Lemon Dogs in Shubie Park (I think is one of HRM’s Hidden Summer Gems) have come up with a plane to beautify part of Shubie Park. They already have over 60% of teh funding but are running a Go Fund me to get over the finish line.

With plans for 10 custom raised garden beds, wooden stairs to the open field beside us, built in benches and permanent shading with string lighting for evening events, we hope to build an engaging and comfortable space to hang out, enjoy a picnic and grow your own veggies!

The garden plots will be for community use, and the new space will also be utilized for outdoor workshops with guest speakers on topics like gardening, farming, flower growing + arranging and mushroom cultivation.

See more info and donate here 

The NS Government this week changed the legislation so the retail closing date is on July 1 (as it should be) and not July 2 (as it was scheduled)

I guess I missed when it happened but Portland St. Honda has a bistro inside of it, I, of course, needed to try and this was my Meatball lunch (the menu changes daily). I’m told they are adding a spa soon and you will be able to get your hair and nails done while you wait for your car.

I had been having a vote down bracket of 64 restaurants I had never tried, It got down to The Anchor, Esquire, Let’s Ko and Elle’s Bistro. With Elle’s being the ultimate winner. Read the brackets and what I thought of Elle’s here