Well, I like to collect old data, and this time I present the probably incomplete guide of where to eat and drink (restaurants, bars, delis, department stores and bakeries) in 1968, Halifax/Dartmouth.
There are quite a few that exist in the same spot today.
•Ardmore on Quinpool
•Armview on Quinpool
•The canteen inside the Bayers Rd Bowlarama
•Cozy Snack Bar on Liverpool
•Gus’ Pub
•The Dairy Queen’s on Main St in Dartmouth and Dutch Village in Fairview
•Look Ho Ho on Bayers
•KFC on Quinpool
•Willman’s on Isleville
•Woodside Tavern
A few more live on but in a different home
Bluenose II, Midtown Tavern, Mic Mac Tavern (right next door), The Seahorse and The Hub. The Garden View as well is currently closed for a rebuild.

map on Google Maps here