As is traditional in January the closes keep coming but there is is also new ideas for a new year

But I always try and start with the good news; Seam Work will be opening a sewing studio next month beside the newly opened Urban Gardens at 60 Queen St. Downtown Dartmouth.

The name Mary’s Bread Basket will be making a return, but setting up a new bakery in Woodside on Mt Hope in the building behind the Dartmouth General. Where Benji’s Bargain and Auction Advantage is.

 Lily Pad Cat Lounge will be opening this in Woodlawn, in the plaza where McDonald’s is on Portland St.

Ideal Bikes on Barrington is closing their Downtown store at the end of April; their Bayers Lake store will remain open.

The infamous Ralph’s is closing next weekend. Ralph’s Place was the last strip club in Nova Scotia.

After 42 Years on Quinppol and 25 in Sunnyside Mall, children’s clothier Bib ‘n Tucker is saying goodbye and retiring. Sunnyside will close at months end, and the remaining stock will be sold from Quinpool for a few more weeks.

Also on Quinpool, Riot Snack Bar has closed.

Icelandic outdoor clothing store Cintamani is closing their Sunnyside store; Spring Garden will stay open

Last Day for Sears? Sears will close today or tomorrow, and all the stores nationwide will be closed by the 14th

Pizza Girls and Katch partnering up, look for co-branded locations the first being the Katch in Tantallon.

The Tantallon UPS store has reopened.

Randall’s Convenience has moved from Gaston to Windmill under the old bridge where Lewis Last Stop recently was.

How Bazaar on Barrington is closed until April.

Hamachi Steakhouse at Bishop’s Landing closes next week for a full renovation, have heard Teppanyaki tables are coming out, to be set up elsewhere.

and every January I get nostalgic as a new year begins and this year I took on the project of mapping all the restaurants of Halifax -Dartmouth in 1968, you can see the blog post here

2017 Quick recap:

New locals that seemed to have the most buzz YeahYeahs PizzaUnchained Kitchen/Chain Yard CiderVandal DoughnutsChkn ChopTart & Soul CafeBar KismetBagel Montreal Style and The Watch That Ends the Night

2 things that interested me:
Three Filipino places opening within 100m
of each other Big Ray Filipino Asian Convenience StoreBahay Kubo: Filipino & Asian Grocery Store and Silong Express

and how quickly St. Joseph’s Square on Gottingen filled up with P’lovers CanadaHeartwoodKEW and Bhavana Yoga Boutique moving in.

On the corporate front: The arrival of IKEA was the shining star. While the collapse of giants like Sears and HMV were the lowlights.
Other corporates, Le Creuset was well anticipated while the darkening of The Oxford and the departure of Mongolie Grill were lamented.

Locals that had the most sadness was Ace Burger pulling out of Gus’ , Bubba Ray’s punting for Spring Garden and the final death of froyo exclusive shops.

Disappointments that didn’t happen:
Portland St Hot Dog Restaurant
Bier Markt
Construction on a Burnside Big Stop was supposed to start
and that GDamn Main St Swiss Chalet renovation to add a Harvey’s (allegedly Feb now)