The stores have Easter and Valentines candy out and I have another small update.

A few upcoming closures
Sukiyaki in the Mic Mac Mall food court is closing due to retirement at the end of January.
Sears closes on the 6th
Her Obsession in Dartmouth Crossing is closing the store and going online only also on the 6th.
The Beauty Supply Outlet at Larry Uteck is closing next month as well.
Canadiana Restaurant in Bayer Lake is closing mid-January

Benjamin Moore stores Acadia&Quigley’s (Quinpool), Colourworks (Strawberry Hill), and Burnside Decorating (Brownlow) are now part of Newfoundland’s “The Paint Shop” and are being rebranded.

Sunnyside hidden gem, On The Wedge, has closed for a reno, its sister Presto Pasta Works will be closing mid-January and will be assimilated into the new On the Wedge when it opens in February.

I tallied my numbers and for 2017 for stuff, I tracked and came up with
170 Opens versus 106 Closures. This is the 6th year in a row (since I started) on the plus side.

Also in 2017 news (well 2017 year ending Aug 31) for these purposes.
The 2017 list of the”most productive” malls in Canada is out.

The only one in the Top 30 in our region is Halifax Shopping Centre at #23 with $821 in sales per square foot (2016: #26 $785) and 10M pedestrians (645,641 sq ft)
Mic Mac was $612 with 5M pedestrians (665,492 sq ft)

#1 in Canada is Yorkdale at $1653/sq.ft
and Toronto Eaton Centre has 50.1M pedestrian every year (more than the busiest mall in the US)