Next weekend Jamaica Vibes is opening on Cole Harbour Rd where Cole’s was.  The menu looks great, looking forward to trying it.

The Starbucks in the Wyse Rd. DoubleTree opens on the 22nd

Subway has opened their new store at Downsview complete with Drive-thru and all the new corporate branding.? Bedford Commons and former Downsview location are now closed

Mic Mac Mall is going to be home to a Bar Burrito. The 13-year-old Toronto chain, I suspect will be taking the space that will be opened in the food court when Sukiyaki retires later this month.

National chain The Ten Spot Beauty Bar will be opening on South at Hollis in the new development and are planning to be fully licensed to serve alcohol.

Antojo: Tequilla and Taco Bar is now open on Argyle, where the Foggy Goggle was before moving to their new home. Antojo chef and two sous chefs all hail from Mexico.

Presto Pasta Works in Sunnyside has packed it in, look for many of the menu items to be part On The Wedge when they finish their renovation and reopen in March.

Ralph’s Place has now closed, but the rumour mill is turning, and many people have said to look at the wording “January 13th will be our last day on Main Street!” a reopening in Burnside sounds likely.

The folks who opened the Jumping Bean in Bedford eventually bought out The Nook on Gottingen last year well now they are taking that and have rebranded the Jumping Bean in Bedford as The Nook. So welcome The Nook Bedford!

Maritime Lawn and Garden has left Windsor and Almon and headed for the industrial part of Bayers Lake (across from Halifax Waste Depot)

New Scotland Clothing continues to evolve, they are wrapping up what they call a very successful pop-up at Halifax Shopping Centre, and are moving their flagship a few metres away in Downtown Dartmouth and will be moving in 102 Portland St. (@Wentworth). Later this year the will also be launching a small brewery.

Food Truck The Big Orange Lunchbox who usually sets up in Enfield has taken over the Kitchen at the Mayflower Curling Club for the winter

Five years ago I had posted this Superstore ad and looked how the, well I decided to follow up with another 5 Years and the adj column is for inflation to today’s dollars. So with inflation buying power accounted for from 1988 to today the bread went up 87%, but ground beef went down 14%. Interesting though bread, bananas and Ground beef were all down from 5 years ago,

And speaking of Loblaws, website is now open where you can register to get a $25 Gift Card in the wake of their bread fixing scandal. If you don’t need it for yourself register and give it to a charity. If every adult in Nova Scotia registers, that will mean $18M to Loblaws.

And here is an interesting article from The Nova Scotia Advocate about tips in NS. Your rights at work: The boss can take your tips!