It’s Labour Day the figurative end of summer and the autumn weather set in just in time for the return of Pumpkin Spice everything …

A 3rd Party Lego retailer and party spot called Build-A-Block is coming to Sackville (same plaza as Randy’s Pizza)

After ten years (and a few more locations) the original Sushi Nami on Dresden is on the move, the Dresden Row spot closed weekend and the new location on Queen St. is now open across from the Library. The new spot will have an izakaya (Japanese style bar) element to it.

Room Service has opened an online convenience store, go on the web and have your order in 45 minutes. Right now they are only servicing the peninsula from noon-3am.  Prices are reasonable though for what it i. and delivery is $5 on small order to free if you order more than $50.

Mastermind Toys is now open in Dartmouth Crossing; the Bayers Lake store will open this coming Saturday. The stores will have grand opening events on the 14th and 21st respectively.

Cheese Curds / Habaneros is now open on Larry Uteck in the former Relish, beside Starbucks.

Bar Kismet has opened, I have been looking forward to this one, finally, a seafood restaurant not designed for tourists, and not Fish and Chips.

Cleve’s is opening a Hockey Pro Shop this week, in the yet to named Burnside 4 pad ice arena.

Sonia’s Stone Oven Pizza has taken over the former Piez Bistro space in Portland Hills.

Lazeezo restaurant opened on Parkland. Burgers, hot dog, shawarma, samosas etc. all Halal.

One of my favourite places in Halifax is closing; It will be sad to see the Oxford Theatre come down. It will likely be replaced by a mixed use building.

And the era of froyo has come to an end, Spring Garden Rd’s Goji has closed its door, that was the last of the freestanding frozen yogurt shop which in 2014-15 was at 8 around HRM.

The Bulk Barn in Bayers Lake has reopened after a small renovation.

Smiling Goat Espresso has bought out the Just Us Cafes on Spring Garden and in King’s Wharf.

US wine bar chain, Vino Volo who was originally expected to open at the airport this spring will open in November around Gate 20 after security.

Dartmouth Little Shop is having a curated clothing, decor and treats Pop-up Yard Sale at 22 John St. (in the neighbourhood just North of the MacDonald Bridge) on Saturday.

There is a Spice Girls tribute band playing at the Marquee on Saturday, Nov 25th.

There is a group trying to bring a swimming spot to the Downtown Waterfront and having info sessions this week, Jump In

I took a quick look at the price of Original Brother’s Pepperoni. (not Chris Brothers)
Dave’s was $4.89/lb while Chops $4.98 and Gateway $4.99.
At the large grocers, Superstore was $11.78/lb and Sobeys $9.03.
Meanwhile, at the source, the listed price at the Agricola St. iconic store is $5.99/lb, but I know when I go in and buy a 6″-7″ piece they just charge me a $1

A shout out to The Night Time Podcast, who this week moved up to number 8 on the iTunes charts, ahead of podcasts like This American Life, S-Town, and Serial. Jordan makes teh Night Time Podcast right here in Halifax, and he did a great job covering the history of the Sydney River McDonald’s Murders in the 90s.

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