It’s another figurative summer over and back to school year routines

Part of the former Neiforth Furnishing at 35 Portland St is going to be “Lake City Cider House.”

Mondo Take Out, and Convenience has replaced Cascades on Montebello. The menu has oddball pizza like one with Mussels, Shrimp, Olives and anchovies, and another with a hot sauce base. (previously had heard it would be a new location of Traditional Pizza)

Something called “Urban Gardens” is going into the previous Downtown Salon Spa on Queen St in Dartmouth.

Booster Juice is going in Dalhousie Student Union Building.

The PizzaTown on Joe Howe is now another pizza place called PZZA CO 
I also saw a registration for the name BRGR CO at the same address; other PizzaTown locations are unaffected.

Eureka Technologies has opened on Sackville Dr @ Cobequid and is a 3D Printing store with a makerspace.

P’lovers has opened their new store on Gottingen St. in St. Joesph’s Square by the Hydrostone.

Aali’s Buther Shop (Halal) is now open on Bedford Highway at Hammonds Plains in the plaza with Scotiabank

Ace Burger is closing their location in Gus’ Pub (Sept 27th) and increasing their Ace presence in Battery Park across the bridge. Gus’ is looking for someone new to take over the kitchen.

The Hammonds Plains location of Martha’s Pizza 2 has closed, Bedford Highway remains open.

I’m calling Bobble Heads on Farnham Gate as done. It closed a few weeks ago but posted a vague Facebook message, so I held off. The inside looks pillaged of valuables, and the exterior sign is now gone.

Hallowe’en shops popping up, Spirit is going into former Bedford Future Shop, and besides Putting Edge in Bayers Lake. Glow has a shop above Old Navy in Bayers Lake; Glow also has their new HQ on Windmill Rd under the New Bridge. Ripsters is back open on Sackville Dr.

Froyo lovers there may be a glimmer of hope, Second Cup is planning to add Pinkberry to locations “across Canada” nothing definitive for HRM yet though.

Sears Penhorn close date is Sept 21

Twiggz at Mic Mac has relocated their children’s shoe and clothing shop to the former Danier space.

The Coast Best of Halifax 2017  finalist voting closes on Friday, don’t forget to vote for your favourites (*wink* Blogger, *wink* Twitter)
Though last years Bronze and Silver are still such a pleasant surprise as I didn’t know I was in the running 🙂

SportChek will not participate in Scene as of October 1 also starting Oct redeem Scene for movie concession 500=$5

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