Just a short update this week

A couple of NSLC notes, the First Lake NSLC Express will soft open on the Monday the 27th
Meanwhile, on the peninsula, the new full sized Queen St store and the Park Lane Express store will be opening in the spring and once they are both open the legend that is the Clyde Street Liquor store will close.

I missed when it opened in late December, but A Taste of the East is now open on Dresden Ros, the menus seems quite vegetarian-friendly

The Canteen has now reopened at their new 22 Portland St home, is licensed  and now offers dinner service as well


The Taco del Mar on Dresden Row is now licensed.

The new Discovery Centre on Lower Water opens to the public today, I had a chance to have a tour on Friday, and it’s quite an achievement, and they have made it suitable for all ages.