A weird week this one is with retail taking a long break due to the storm. There have in turn been supply issues in grocery stores with some items like milk, veg and some meats. Some gas stations ran out of gas for a day or so.
Also, time to remind you most retail, NSLC, grocery stores, banks will be closed tomorrow. Private liquor stores and breweries will be open as well as Pharmacies and restaurants usually open on Mondays.


Portland St icon Neiforth Furnishing is closing up shop in Downtown Dartmouth.

The Telus Connected store is now open in Halifax Shopping Centre.

Ginger Grass on Barrington closed last night; they have plans to reopen and an undetermined later date and locations

Layla Cuisine on Parkland has closed, too bad it was a nice little spot

Spin studio SPINCO is opening on Birmingham/Clyde behind The Port

I completely missed it, but the Historic Properties location of Take It Outside closed at the beginning of the year


North End Halifax noodle bar Water&Bone opens its doors on Charles Tuesday

All Bulk Barns will allow you to bring your own containers if you choose, starting on the 24th. Woodlawn already was as I discovered in November

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Fredies Fantastic Fish House reopens in Bayers Lake after an extensive renovation

I have been babbling for a year now that H&M and Zara were coming to Halifax Shopping Centre, well there they are officially on the new leasing plan.

Superstore’s automated checkouts will no longer be accepting cash or giving cash back

I’ll follow up more in a few weeks when I do more research, but I have recently started weighing rotisserie chickens, and the first two results were kind of amazing. Costco $7.99 1484g  Sobeys $10.99 993g
That makes the Costco one $2.44/lb while the Sobeys one is $5.03/lb

Just as a heads up always check the price tags at Winners, the one on the right was put on the shelf in December the one on left February; some folks report Winners just charging the same for both to being refused.

also speaking of Winners, that big British Bear at Mic Mac was marked down to $340 (from $3000), and I hear a couple planning to open a vintage toy shop have bought him.

Shoppers is now carrying Pixi makeup in their larger stores, Pixi (UK) was previously available in Canada only at Target. It has replaced NYC.