RUMOUR: I don’t have official confirmation.
As I understand it and I don’t have any of the timings down, but Sears has agreed to sell their Halifax lease to Simons for a store opening (I think late 2019).
I don’t know what this means for Sears in HRM long term, with Dartmouth already closing later this year.

Rizzo’s Pizza on Bedford Highway has closed

7 Peppers Grill opened on Quinpool where Shawarma Stop was. Super interesting that it seem just last week the only other location they have opened in Alexandria, Egypt

The lovely Inkwell Boutique who has suffered the most during the IMO during the construction of the Nova Centre is picking up and moving a little North. This spring they will be moving to 2001 Brunswick near Cogswell

One of my favourites Star Fresh Modern Diner in Burnside closed this week.

In the coming months, Susi Nami on Dresden Row will be moving to the Mary Ann on the corner of Queen and Clyde.

Windsor St.’s Good Food Emporium is closing within the next week. Rumour is though it will be a new permanent home for Rinaldo’s/TDogs

Something different coming to town The Captains Boil a newish Canadian chain  will be opening on Spring Garden where Pizza Delight was this summer

Mezza is opening in Tantallon in same new plaza as Subway

The cafe space where Two if By Sea is in Historic Properties is for lease in June, the original Dartmouth Two if by Sea will still be going strong.

The Bentley in Bedford Place is gone

Vica Boutique on Spring Garden has a store closing sign up; they just opened in the fall


I said that Swiss Chalet on Main St was getting a reno back in the summer of 2015. Then it didn’t happen, as the franchise was for sale. But now there are new owners and I what I hear the reno is going to likely start in March.It will be a dual restaurant and bring Harvey’s back to Dartmouth.

Second Cup in Sunnyside getting a makeover


Masstown Market expanding again, adding a local butcher and a dairy to the mix

Meanwhile, out in Calgary they are opening a Halifax themed restaurant


Thursday evening 5-7 is the Downtown Dartmouth Food Crawl.
Little bites all around!



If you are buying kids clothes especially online from Canadian retailers ensure they are only charging 5%GST, Sears catalogue was caught by CBC over overcharging for months.

Last Sunday I had a chance to speak at Podcamp Halifax, about my many years of depression and suppression of feelings, my early internet days as a troll, my lead into complete and utter mental collapse and being moments away from ending it all. But I needed that crash to start to feel again.That is where ReTales came from; I was looking for a way to reach out to our quirky and wonderful community. Five years later and I feel I have added to the fabric of HRM and I appreciate all of you who make what I do worthwhile. I hope you know more about your fantastic community so you can experience more of how great we are! Also thanks to Mind’s Eye Creative  who live illustrated my whole session