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If Subway's were Subways

Posted: July 9, 2014
Category: ReTales
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To see the stops on map click here
Halifax Subway's Subway map


subway subway



Ritchie Purple line

Ritchie Line Named for the Ritchie Sisters who were suffragists

Radall orange bedford

Named for author Thomas Raddall, who chronicled the start of Halifax in both Fiction and Fact



Name after proud Dartmouthian and Dartmouth ambassador, musician Joel Plaskett and Newcomb  Line named for Astronomist and Mathematician Simon Newcomb

Knockwood downsview passage

Named for Noel Knockwood, Mi'kmaq Leader, also ceremonially lifted the bridge curse


Fenerty grey line

Named for Sackville resident Charles Fenerty who invented the wood pulp process for paper making

Desmond the loop

Named for Viola Desmond, champion of human rights


Callow yellow

Named for Walter Harris Callow who invented accessibility bus for vettrans


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