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ReTales July 6: Bedford Village Green and Moes out The Middle Spoon and BOOMburger in

Posted: July 6, 2014
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In the last week we had Canada Day where we had an opportunity to embrace our nations 147th birthday, Arthur blew his way in and out, knocking out power all over the place as he traveled through, closing many small businesses for the day. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't retail news .

Chops Meat Market opened at bottom of Wright Ave Burnside, a a potential challenger to Forrest Hills, Gateway Market. I have yet to be in myself but early reports are that it doesn't measure up.


Sunnyside Mall will be getting a The Middle Spoon, the decadent dessert and drinks spot that has its first location on Barrington.

Also speaking of Sunnyside they are losing longtime tenant The Village Green as well as its affiliated mens store Moe's. Both are currently liquidating stock..


Also in Bedford, PEI based BOOMBurger opened on Larry Uteck. The menu is a pretty close replica of Five Guys

Japanese Paradise the Japaneses grocer/sweets store at the beginning of Barrington St has moved in with B-well Sushi on Quinpool, and their current Barrington St home, will be the new home of Hibiki Anime Shop come September.

The small theatre at Neptune is alredy Scotiabank Studio,The Metro Centre is now Scotiabank Centre , And Empire Bayers Lake is being renamed Scotiabank Cinema
Welcome to Nova Scotiabank


Mic Mac Tavern has now closed its original location, and will be open next door later this month, in brand new built to suit digs.

Black Buffalo Records, is now moved to Cornwallis St. and soon to be joined by Octopi Computers

Sushi Jet opened on corner of Salter/Granville where many restaurants have failed before them, I wish them well.


The gas satation on Robie/North will be Shell with a Needs . Not a Fast Fuel

The gas station on Robie/North will be Shell with a Needs . Not a Fast Fuel

Sweet Janes will be moving their Candy Shop from their original Doyle St. home to the corner of Queen and Morris, where SuperVideo was for years.

The iconic Indian Grocery 220 VOLTS sign on Robie has been taken down,

The iconic Indian Grocery 220 VOLTS sign on Robie has been taken down, I'll miss that quirky sign.



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