Well first my apologies, for not getting this post up on Sunday like I usually do. after a few awesome days in PEI, a quick rush home on Sunday then off to the pub to see the World Cup final (where a few beers were consumed) I decided it was smarter just to write this today. Also devastating news while playing Scrabble with my loved ones, they told me ReTales is not a real word, I think they are bitter because it was on a triple.

In PEI ReTales there is now an agency PEI liquor store in the Cavendish Tourist Mart.

In Halifax news though, Anchored Coffee is setting up shop in Pro Skate they will not have any of the Two if By Seaa baked goods instead they will have bread from The Canteen which they will toast up and serve with gourmet butter.

Also on Quinpool that giant space that was once World Wide furniture, then Buckleys, then a bunch of campaign offices and seasonal stores is now leased to a permanent tenant, Service Canada who is moving out of Halifax Shopping Centre.

After being in downtown Halifax since Canada was only 10 years old, 138 year old resident Kelly’s luggage is closing their Park Lane location (Halifax Shopping Centre remains)

Getway Farms the butcher in the Seaport Market has bought Highland Drive Storehouse in the Hydrostone.

Mirchi Tandoor is getting ready to open on Blowers, owned by the Baan Thai folks, I look forward to another source of Indian food.

Roots has setup a summer pop up in local land, with a new Port shop beside Garrison.

A blast from Dartmouth’s past, Hums Kitchen is opening by the refinery, and they are related to teh House of Hum that served the tasty Chinese food of my childhood beside the Mic Mac Rotary.

I Went to Chops Meat Market in Burnside prices are okay but a big space with hardly anything in it .The store feels incomplete but it has lots of potential.

Subway in the Scotia Square food court has now opened in Ray’s new spot. Ray will be open on Akerley in Burnside sometime this month.

and to cap things off I took on the ridiculous task of seeing What if Subway’s were subway stops