I love the old farmers market, I love the new seaport farmers market but I love it as a Saturday market only. Don’t get me wrong it’s great design but I think part of the problem is location it is more designed to accommodate tourists than it is to accommodate residents. The working core is too far away to make it practical to walk over for lunch. This where the Saint John City Market has an advantage. There is not exactly a high concentration of residential accommodation right nearby either unlike say the Jean Talon or Atwater markets in Montreal. The location is unfriendly in the sense that it is a destination to go to as it is hidden behind the Westin the new NS Power and Terminal Rd. Also there needs to be more permanent vendors that are there 6 days a week concentrated in one area. It is also missing an element of outdoors in summer. that parking lot in front should be an outdoor market like the way the one in Wolfville used to be. The transit by Halifax standards is great with a bus going through the area every 30 minutes which is great by Metro Transit standards.For the meantime though I will still just be a Saturday type as it is simply impractical to get to on weekdays.