With Empire closing the Oxford for a few days to spruce up and install a digital projector, I can’t help but think that Empire Theatres actually delivers a quality product despite essentially having a monopoly. They have been constantly updating and improving theatres. Empire 18 recently was overhauled they replace the aging theatres in Dartmouth and Bedford in recent years building newer facilities in Dartmouth Crossing and Sackville respectively. Their ticket prices are on the low end of the average across Canada and they charge $3 premium for 3D (which is a rant for another day) and their concessions are the same.

Yes the Movies are expensive, but there is still some charm in seeing a film at the cinema, and yeas the concessions are over priced but that is where the theatres get most of their revenue from, and I love the salty popcorn.

I have been in other towns where the theatres are beat up relics of the 80s, our modern comfortable and spacious theatres with excellent selection of movies, with the Oxford and Park Lane often having smaller critically acclaimed films means that we are actually getting a top quality product, and the changes at the Oxford just show that they are making sure we get the best experience and not just mailing it in.