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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-03

Posted: March 3, 2012
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  • Rona closing big box stores in favour of smaller neighbourhood 35k ft2 stores, BLIP to close but store replacing Pierceys on Robie to open #

  • Dear Tranist users you should all chip in & raid the NSLC and try vote buying at the Forum multi purpose centre today ! #

  • Starting the day off right with a prosciutto croissant @Twoifbyseacafe #

  • Disappointed by The Coast's HRMBurger they missed the best in town Darrells.Marys Westcliff Brooklyn Armview ... #

  • #HRMLunch ela! for a dip plate or perhaps a Halloumi Sandwich BLIP, DX or dwntwn #

  • #TransitStrike 22% of the drivers have common sense i bet they are the bottom of the seniority chart :) #

  • CheeseCurdsHRM for supper it was good but no not an hour wait good #

  • This picture makes me sad icons aren't meant to change #

  • This pic makes me happy though when Icons expand #

  • Is the Lions Head looking for a new clientele? #

  • RT @chronicleherald: John DeMont @coalblackheart sets out to see if there's still a place for the neighbourhood video store... #

  • RT @twoifbyseacafe: Croissant of the week! "The Lexi": roasted red pepper goodness and goat cheese. Delicious business! #

  • #HRMLunch Soups on the Move, menu changes often but it's all tasty #

  • New CIBC being built on Portland St along with Shoppers replacing where the 2 car dealers were @mattdenine in reply to mattdenine #

  • Sale at Foreign Affair up to 70% off Fall and winter, jeans reduced to $50 #

  • update: The Esprit in DX is now empty #

  • MT @downtownhalifax: #BigDayDowntown Ep. 6 is up! Featuring Pier 21 and @My_Waterfront, hosted by @withbite. #

  • Mistake by Murphy's to offer ferry service? Transit workers are the unofficial tour guides of any city #transitstrike #

  • Le Bistro (by Liz) grand reopening on Sunday. welcome back! #

  • Ultramar to open in @DartmouthXing #

  • #robocall all this farce reinforces why I don't answer my home phone around election days #

  • #HRMLunch a sit down at Cabin Coffee for an awesome bowl of mulligatawny soup #

  • yum MT @giohalifax: lunch today is Flat Iron Steak & Frites wRoasted Red Pepper & Choc. Purée, Br.Sprouts and Carrots. #

  • lulu rival One Tooth will be opening a store in Park Lane later this spring #

  • Chebucto Ford to build new dealership on old Forbes site #

  • Darrells to correct it's one major flaw starting soon the frozen patties are gone and fresh Angus is in! also new 15yr lease in place! #

  • Sackville Driving School out of business citing too much competition #

  • #HRMLunch In Burnside? try Chabaa Thai for the Red Curry Chicken Lunch Special #

  • Maestro Fresh Wes Mar 23 @ the Grawood $5 Dal Students/alumni/faculty & guests tix on sale March 12 #

  • Leap Day skip off work @3:30 and catch some quality soccer ENG v NED or GER v FRA
    at one of our fine Pubs. #

  • Dartmouth AccessNS moving to Russell Lake by Sobeys. I think AccessNS offices should be on more convenient bus routes #

  • Via Station to be redeveloped I hope the Main Hall is left intact that would make an awesome performance space #

  • Now that Strikeruary is over what will March bring HRM? #

  • MT @propellerbeer: Munich Style Dark Larger is available for Growler fills @PropellerShoppe ! #

  • If you have T4 only tax return and an iphone check this out pretty neat take a picture of T4 and netfile for $10 #

  • planning on attending @PlanHRM tonight #

  • #HRMLunch start March off with some comfort food Baked Beans and Bread at Smith's Bakery #

  • Great idea @SWITCHHFX "to get to many destinations on the Halifax peninsula in new, healthy and fun ways" #

  • ended up missing @PlanHRM sounds like it was a great event #

  • Lush will also be opening in HSC sometime in 2012 #

  • Thinking of entering City Chase Sept 15 somebody has to finish last it might as well be me #

  • When did X-citement Video on Quinpool become Pleasures and Treasures? #

  • #HRMLunch Local Jo offers a great soup everyday and make sure to get a cookie #

  • #outoftown Sears to sell leases on Van. Pacific Centre, Ott. Rideau and Cgy Chinook wow Nordstroms coming to Canada? #

  • Oxford Theatre closed Monday-Thursday for a little spruce up and installing a digital projector , awesome I love the Oxford #

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