Halifax ReTales Closed

Phil’s Seafood on Quinpool closed on Friday in a Facebook statement they said
“I’m sure you’re wondering what happened;Like most business; and especially restaurants, we have been struggling to make it through this difficult past year. We know many have suffered through this pandemic, and we are thankful that our family is healthy and safe. Our restaurant has suffered, but we have been doing our best to make it through. Unfortunately in this last week we have been dealt the final blow. Our building has been sold, and in that process we have discovered that though we thought we had several years remaining on our lease, we have been advised that our lease was invalid. With this revelation of not having a guaranteed future, on top of the ongoing difficulties of losing money during the pandemic, we have decided that what’s best for our family is to close our doors of Phil’s Seafood on Quinpool Road.

As mentioned, we do hope that maybe someday we will be able to reopen at another location. But unfortunately we are not sure how we may be able to accomplish this. It’s scary to not know what’s next, we don’t really have a plan. But we know with the support of our family and our community that we’ll make it through these challenging times.”

The Penninsula is now lost 4 Starbucks, which all closed last weekend,
Spring Garden @ Robie, Quinpool, Scotia Square & Barrington @ Sackville. The ones in Chapters also won’t be back. All other locations locally remain open.

Jamaica Vibes Express is setting up a second location at 100 Highfield Park Dr., most recently Ali’s Place.

A new shop called DirkHäuser opened on Cobequid Rd, selling a yogurt-based drink in cans called Amnio-Spec.

Pro Skates turned 35 this week, and Kaiser’s Sub turned 45

Also, last week I mentioned Chen Papa was closing yesterday (which they did), but in a last gesture, they donated all the proceeds from the last day to the IWK.