TAPestry Beer Bar is “opening soon” at 833 Sackville Dr (Pizzadelic, Apt 3), focusing on smaller craft brewers.

Ardene will be returning to Halifax Shopping Centre but this time across the street at the annex where Addition Elle most recently was.

PhitCetera (lifestyle wear) opening on Larry Uteck, where it meets Kearney Lake “All the brands we partner with are focused on using sustainable practices and materials in an effort to reduce their environmental impact.”

Most recently, The Anchor and the long-time home of Astoria Grill at 3625 Dutch Village Rd is coming back to life as Easy Street Diner, and with a vision board like this, I’m ready for it come May.

Kam Moon, which has already been on the corner of Brunswick and Cogswell for a couple of years, has opened location two at 619 Lower Sackville Dr offering their quick-serve Egyptian food they have few unique wraps to the area, and they make their pita in house. A third is expected later this year in West Halifax.
The Feasts has opened at 6293 Quinpool Rd, offering Indian, Thai, and Korean.

After 35 plus years and a few locations, market legends Chen Papa are retiring with their last two days at the Seaport Market are Friday and Saturday.

Halifax ReTales Closed

Chameleon Cafe & Supper Club in Bayers Road Centre has closed its doors.

Downtown Dartmouth Shuffle:
New Scotland Clothing Co. has taken their signs down and closed the doors at 102 Portland St but is now open their new store, 17 Prince St, next to Maria’s Pantry a few blocks away.
Audrey’s Little Shop of Plants will be shifting from 104 Portland to 102 for even more room for plants and more windows (they will be closed Jan 30-Feb 6) while I am finalizing details, but I have heard 104 Portland is something sweet that Downtown Dartmouth will be ready to bite into
While across the street, Cafe98 is rebranding, and when it reopens, it will be Wise SandWish “our new sandwich bar will be a place to provide delicious breakfast sandwiches, gourmet sandwiches and wraps under a new brand, while selling books and some beautiful artworks.”
Trattoria da Claudio who has been operating as a takeout from Grace United Church will now be moving across the harbour to a full restaurant on Dresden Row where Black Sheep recently moved out.
It also sounds like late in February 73 Alderney Dr will be coming back to life as Vines Fusion & Grill, (Indo-Italian)
The third location of Millstone Public House is now open in Downtown Dartmouth’s in Kings Wharf.

Pit Lane Sim Racing has pulled in to Dartmouth, offering simulated race car driving complete with a multi-screen motion simulator.

You can have just a simulated experience or try the gear before purchasing it for yourself.

“Passion for motorsports and all things automotive led to sim racing, which is a great practice tool for even the most seasoned drivers and a great alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to invest in an actual race car due to cost or safety risk,” founder Michael Ramsis says of the family-run business. “It is even more attractive during our great white winters, when all seasonal motorsport is shut down until the summer.”

Ramsis says that, although Pit Lane specializes in sim racing, it also carries an expanding range of flight simulator products and will have those available for booking soon after opening. ”The gear-controllers allow for much more realistic control than just gaming controllers,” he says.



“A wide range of driving wheels utilize ‘force feedback technology, which simulates feedback forces transmitted through the steering wheel in real-life driving, making the experience as well as inputs far more realistic.

“The same is true for (gas, brake and clutch) pedals, where resistance forces simulate those felt in real driving.”

Additional realistic controllers include hand brakes and shifters to allow simulation of those components, as well, rather than simple buttons like on typical gaming consoles.

“These motion simulators were developed over four years and took a great team of engineers, professional racing drivers and pilots,” says Ramsis.

“They are a great leap from a simple arcade game and deliver levels of realism and accurate simulation that typically wouldn’t be possible outside of professional teams or institutions with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the rental ‘pay to play’ system we are bringing makes them more accessible than ever before to anyone who has interest in racing or flight simulation.” For the home, there is PC gear and lots of other items to help enhance racing on your favourite video game console.

You can visit them at pitlanesimracing.com, or the showroom at 590 Portland St.