Where we look at some of the themes that came up from the question
Is there something you would like to see less of?

I may reference Back to Part 1 for some of this

Less chain stores, Less Bedford, Less Dartmouth, Less about Dowtown, Less bougie shit, Less restaurants, Less stores, Less out of town, Less Pizza, Less reviews …

as you can see a lot of this is is conflicting, or you miss the core of what I do.
I try and balance what’s opening and closing regardless of where in HRM they are and I can’t just pretend chain stores don’t exist

Less opinions, Less hyping up neighbourhoods and places you want to try, Less talking about what you like, Less politics. If you want to have opinions create a new account for that.

Well if you want it more objective, (but I still spin opinion) read my article in the Chronicle Herald. If you want a quick guide
Most opinion, politics, presonal = Twitter
Some opinion, politics, personal = Instagram
Some opinion, but minimal politics and personal = Facebook and Blog
find a platform that more suits what you want

Some Instagram specific feedback regarding my monthly AMA: too much info too fast, It disappears too soon,  you are too snarky, people are afraid to ask questions because you might have answered before and you might be snippy.

First the disappearing is a good point, so I have already gone and archived the last three months of my AMA’s on my Instagram profile. I’ll continue to archive the last 3 months going forward. (this also can help with was it asked before)
As for being Snippy-Snarky it’s the nature of the quick replies and my personality, but for every answer publically I answer as many behind the scenes and   I usually get about 6-7 DM’s as well for every response. If someone wants to ask they can all the responses are anonymous

Reduce the number of stupid comments that people make on you posts (everyone realizing I have no control over others)

I don’t like to censor or ban (but I have) and yeah there are often unhelpful comments like “never heard of them” especially if it’s a business that has been around for years.

This is one of my faves, “I think the inclusion of ‘from the Herald’ dilutes your brand. I always skip that section, and I don’t think you need to regurgitate material from other sources – just do your own thing.”

Ummmmmm the From the Herald section, is words I wrote for the Tuesday edition of the paper, not someone else’s words. I republish it to make sure that everyone has access.

Staying in theme, some of you don’t like the long-form articles, think it’s just me giving free advertising to rich people, how can I know anything about a place if it’s new.

Well, I get paid to write the long-form pieces, versus the $0 I ask from anyone else. Yeah, it’s free advertising but I rarely talk about giant chains at all and they are never the focus of the long-for. I also don’t really interject opinion into the long-form. Though when I crosspost I might say I want to try or think it’s cool on the lead-in.

I asked you to post about my business and you refused, just because I have been around for awhile I don’t see why you don’t post about me, your content isn’t inclusive because you pick and choose what you talk about.

You can reference back to Part 1, but it’s a service or online only I may pass even If I think it’s neat because I need to be able to keep control and manage what I do, and if I talk about one salon for example then I have a dozen that expect the same. As for you already exist, sorry I didn’t when you opened.
People will often ask how do they get a posted simple version
a)I know you are coming
b) You open
c) you celebrate a milestone
d) you do something extraordinary or innovative (or really bad)
e) you close 🙁

And finally my grammar and typos
go back to Part 1 but in short version, I have learning disabilities and time constraints.

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