Let’s first off start with me saying to everyone who had lovely things to say in the feedback, I wasn’t looking for that, but I deeply appreciate it.

ReTales will turn nine in January, and I never really had a plan as such, and If I told myself that, I would somehow post a recap every Sunday for seven and a half years. I wouldn’t believe you.

I have a basic philosophy to what I post; the idea is brick and mortar stores and eateries. The idea is I tell you about Restaurant X, and you go to that neighbourhood and discover Restaurant B and Store Y that have been there for years, and maybe you see a mural or other piece of art or discover a park. Then you see more of the gems this municipality has to offer.
Yes, I talk about big box stores, but that brings in more audience where I can talk about the locals. Also, large chains have a place and purpose, and many of them started as a single local somewhere. However, I love the little guy.

Some ideas I want to implement lack things like time, money, know-how. I work a full-time job, and despite the amount of content I produce… this is a hobby.

Also, I realize I make grammar and spelling mistakes but again, hobby, combined with the fact I have undiagnosed learning disabilities. Still, my symptoms seem to imply I have dysgraphia and ADHD. I seriously can write something down, and I think it looks like what I am saying in my head, but it’s not, and I won’t recognize it’s wrong until that thought is cleared completely from my head.

Well, with that preamble, I will start addressing some of the feedback I received first with

“Is there something you would like to see more of?”
Some common themes that came up were …

More local profiles and long-form stories
This falls into the time issue. I do manage to get profiles done for The Chronicle Herald, which publish on Tuesdays and then again in the blog on Sundays.

More coverage of things outside of HRM
This again is time, I did attempt to have a Nova Scotia ReTales a few years back, but I found it hard to stay on top of it because I am not there. Locals of the community would also try and mansplain something every time was a lot of work for little reward.

Contact information on business I mention
I link when I have it for locals, but I rarely cross-platform, so if you are reading on Twitter, I am not going to redirect you to Facebook. Time also factors in again. Also, I have experimented with hotlinking businesses in my blog, and I have very, very low click rates.

Post menus, hours of operation, deals, specials …
I’m not the yellow pages. Things change often. I don’t want to have to maintain (time)

Mapping of things
I would love to do this. I have tried to do this
and OMG, the time it takes, all of the time it takes!

More local artists, creators, products
This is, in part, a time issue; also, it goes against my philosophy of getting people out on the streets. I want people to go to places. I also don’t talk much about services like hair, tattoos, etc., because I need to be able to manage the amount of content. The same with online-only shops; it goes against the experiential nature of a visit that I try and convey.

Post more deals and specials
I do fun things on occasion, but I don’t want to just be sharing other people’s ads. I like to create original content, not just screen cap other stuff and share it endlessly.

More about _________ area
I am sorry if your area isn’t represented, but I do try to capture as much of HRM as I can, but I can’t post something is opening somewhere If no one is actually opening anything.

More Olive Garden


Building Projects
I do dabble in this; I might expand on that soon (again time)

Photos of the locations
definitely a time issue, something I can find out without leaving my desk.
I’m not going to hold off on something because I don’t have and 1hr to drive to say Timberlea and back for a photo.

I was kind of surprised by the number of people who want me to do more reviews of things.

People looking to support me financially in what I do
I mean, the Chronicle Herald pays me, which is nice. I previously had a Patreon but wasn’t really producing much income. I tried sponsored content for a while, but I didn’t really want sponsorship from anything I would talk about to avoid conflict of interest. Again very time-consuming to try and sell.

More on restos, more on stores, more mom and pop
I can only post what exists!

I’ll share more answers and suggestions in other posts
see Part 2