RedChillies on the Bedford Highway has opened their sister Indian grocery store RedChillies Bazaar right next door to the restaurant at the corner of Hammonds Plains Road.

Spirituality store Drala has a 2nd store at 59 Portland St. in Downtown Dartmouth called Elements by Drala.

Halifax ReTales Closed

GD Meat Market (formerly Chops) on Wright Ave has closed after changing hands roughly a year ago.

A longtime fixture of the Bedford Highway, Buy The Book has moved from the bottom of Flamingo Drive to its new home in the plaza at 117 Kearney Lake Rd. You may not find it right away, though, as their new sign has the actual name of the store Capricorn Books. Meanwhile, the space they were in on Bedford Highway will be converted into Topfresh Market, whose sign is boasting to be “The best Asian grocery store in the Maritimes.”

You may have noticed a Lululemon banner on Larry Uteck Boulevard. It is there to indicate that Modo Toga is now carrying Lululemon products in their shop.

The Syrian Meat Shop on Gladstone is gone ahead of a redevelopment of that property. They have indicated they will return at some point, but currently, no timeline or new location has been announced.