A nano brewery called Hardisty Brewing Co launched , it’s really small batch and the model is order in advance and delivered to your door weekly.The part I love (and I’m jealous) is delivery is currently limited to just Colby Village.

Not sure the timeline but Teaghlach Ross Distillery is coming to Waverley by the fire fighters school.Teaghlach is gaelic for family.

It just converted from the British Bulldog to Spare Room Public House in December , but it’s already in for a change and I hear it will open as a companion/annex of its sister bar Big Leagues.

Whenever things return to normal you will find that the Starbucks in Mic Mac Mall is gone.

if you are looking to order food direct from local producers there is a good list here https://hrmfood.wixsite.com/foodshare

and I am still updating
• http://covid19.retales.ca which lists the HRM eateries and more that are still serving us in some capacity
• http://locallove.retales.ca/eateries/ which has links to locals selling gift cards