Well what happens when what you do is based on the comings and goings of retail and food service all of sudden in the course of a week all of those businesses completely are descended into uncharted territory?

Well first I tried to help out and created two subsites :

First there is http://covid19.retales.ca this site is dedicated to keeping track of HRM restaurants, the information was all crowd sourced and then I edit an maintain.
If there is something I missed submit here.
With over 300 listings already it should help decide whether you want to get take-out or even if your favourite is open.

Then I setup a site of locals that have online gift card purchases http://locallove.retales.ca/ It’s basically a mini-loan to small biz, so buy one now and make a plan to use it later.

A lot of what I do is based on the idea that I want people out socializing in person, exploring and discovering the place we love and call home. Now we should be doing the opposite for our safety.

I am not sure what ReTales will look like over the coming weeks, but I’ll be online and if you have ideas of what content you want to see from me reach out on social media or email me at arthur@retales.ca