Who is crazy for Tacos ? Well the North End is getting a another taco joint. Taco Loco is planning to open at 3244 Isleville early next year.

Thai Express opened its newest location this week, this time in Dartmouth Crossing between DQ and Starbucks

MINISO has opened their new Halifax Shopping Centre location. 

In 1986, Allie Fineberg was hooked by the second-hand bug and opened Allie’s Boutique at 1272 Barrington St. in the south end of Halifax. The store specialized in clothing finds, accessories and costume rentals.

For the next 20 years Allie’s continued in its original location, until one day when Fineberg went to the grocery store to grab some lunch and, as she says, “came back with a house” and moved the store to 1144 Barrington St., a few blocks away.

The model has changed over the years. The second-hand items are gone, and now the store is full of women’s clothing, party dresses, handbags and costume jewelry straight from New York.

Twelve years later, Fineberg found the upkeep of the house time consuming and decided to sell. By chance, she found out that her original location was available again. A few weeks ago, everything came back full circle when Fineberg opened her boutique where she began 32 years earlier.

The concept may have changed from used items to brand new, but Fineberg’s passion to provide unique things for the “gals of Halifax” hasn’t.

Henry’s in Dartmouth Crossing is closing at the end of January and consolidating with the Halifax location in Bayers Lake

Sad news for something that never was, I have heard from a good source that Simons has decided not to come to Halifax Shopping Centre 

I have confirmation on a location for Five Guys, they have signed on to go in the Nova Centre on Argyle St. At this point the plan is to be open around Victoria Day. Stay tuned for updates on probable suburban locations as well.

Kent has started construction to build a new store in Lower Sackville, the new store will be on the same property as the current store and once complete they old store will be removed. The entrance and exit to the parking lot will also be reconfigured. 

L Brands is in the process of selling off the La Senza brand to an equity partnership, the sale is to help raise capital for their struggling flagship brand Victoria Secret. No stores to be affected at this time. L Brands also operates Bath & Body Works