So Instacart is here, they have struck a deal with Loblaws and are offering home delivery
but at what cost?

There is an introductory $3.99 fee for delivery on orders over $35or annual memberships. See details but there are also hidden costs.

I have been doing grocery comparisons with roughly the same list for a few years now so I put Instacart through the test.  I also priced it out as a regular order at Supetstore.

My cart of 30 items was 27% more via Instacart which was $35+ more than the same order at Suoerstore.

The flyer prices don’t carry over to Instacart they are marked up from Superstores regular list price.

The items ranged from Bananas at 0% markup to Kraft Singles at 131%! (Which is on sale this eeek)
see the results

 Superstore OnlineInstaCartDifference
Jack Link$4.99$6.5531.26%
2L Milk Choc$4.61$5.059.54%
Quaker Chewy$1.99$2.9548.24%
Diana's BBQ$3.49$3.808.88%
Heinz Noodles$1.29$1.6024.03%
Green Giant Can Corn$1.49$1.8524.16%
Heinz Beans$1.29$1.6024.03%
Aylmers Tomatoes$1.99$2.158.04%
Uncle Bens Bistro$3.99$4.359.02%
Uncle Bens Select$4.29$4.709.56%
Old El Paso Fajita Kit$3.99$4.8020.30%
Old El Paso spice pack$1.59$1.7510.06%
Old El Paso Shells$3.49$3.808.88%
Grace Jerk$3.99$5.4536.59%
Heinz Ketchup$3.99$4.7017.79%
Helmans Mayo$3.99$4.9022.81%
Helmans Olive Oil Mayo$3.99$4.9022.81%
Finnish Tabs 25pk$8.49$9.309.54%
Ktaft Shred$6.49$9.3043.30%
Kraft Singles$2.99$6.90130.77%
Green Giant Frz$3.49$3.808.88%
Nielsen Organic Milk 2L$6.59$7.5514.57%
Bananas /lb$0.89$0.890.00%
Zuchini /lb$3.49$3.8410.03%
Eggplant /lb$1.99$3.2965.33%
2L Farmers$3.39$3.709.14%
Chicken Breast /kg$8.80$19.35119.89%
Haddock /kg18.92$21.809.99%

This same cart at Superstore in October 2017 was $124.57
You can see the last comparison including Walmart and Sobeys here