OK circling back to a post I first did in 2013 when Walmart entered the grocery game  I then revisited it in 2014  and again in 2015 well now it’s 2017 and I want to see what has changed.

•I’m using a similar list to what I used the first two times, and yes there are those who complained what I chose
•This is only comparing Sobeys, Superstore and WalMart in West End Halifax. I know there are other options especially in Dartmouth and I will visit that soon
• Walmart was the lowest the first three times

Well here are my findings this time (see notes at the end)

•Superstore was cheapest, but because of their buy in bulk policy lately, there are two columns the first is if you only buy one and the 2nd is the unit price of 1 if you bought multiples, SS also seemed to have a good portion of the original list on sale this week. Also, the huge difference in Haddock gives SS the win
•Walmart sells their meat by the $ and not actual weight, on a $10 pack of chicken I quickly found one that was 0.878 kg and one that was 1.178 kg both were $10, take the haddock out and they win
•Sobeys loses either way, but I was approached by two employees at Sobeys asking me if I need help finding something

This is the last kick of this model, I have a new idea I’ll launch in a month or two.