Charlottetown’s Hopyard Beer Bar is opening on Gottingen across from GlobalTV “Beer Food Vinyl.”

Five Guys is confirmed as coming to Dartmouth Crossing, but it looks like Early 2019 and not Fall this year like I thought

GoodLuck “hangover palace” is coming to 141 Portland St this summer from the folks at Manual & Co (Stillwell Dairy Bar)

Pizza Pizza will be opening an outlet on Tacoma beside the Dollarama

Arisu Korean Tabletop BBQ and Sushi is now open Granville @ Sackville (former Mongolie Grill)

Ruby’s Rhinestone Reception & Lounge (Country Bar) soft opened this week on Salter @ Barrington

Sushi Jet Dim Sum is open on Dutch Village Rd (in Saint Lawerence Place) in Fairview

Pizza Pizza has opened their “Flagship” location  on Argyle at Blowers, trying to get in on the Pizza Corner game

Taiyaki52 is now open on Brunswick St near Cogswell

Ideal Bikes on Barrington have packed up their downtown store, but they still have a location open in the industrial end of Bayers Lake

Cintamani in Sunnyside closed, now its sister store on Spring Garden is in the process of doing the same

The Swiss Chalet on Main Street, finally closed last night, the location will be getting a full renovation, and when it reopens this summer, it will have a Harvey’s attached.

Scotia Pharmacy on Gottingen has completed the move across the street

Wendy’s in Woodlawn is getting gutted, but Drive Thru still open

Vogue Optical on Barrington has completed their move from the corner of Sackville to the corner of Blowers

This week’s happy is the inaugural HFX Beverage Expo next Sunday the 8th at the Dal SUB, I love to see small little business work together,

“In Nova Scotia beverages seem to be a big thing. Between Tea, Coffee, Soda, Juice, Kombucha, Kefir,  Water, and anything else we’re forgetting, there are local companies creating new and innovative beverages all over. It would be great it if we could all come together and show off what we make”.

I’ll be on CBC Maritime Connection from 4:05-5 this afternoon, talking about the empty spaces that have been left behind by the collapse of the large department stores, and ideas on how to fill especially in smaller communities. Listen on your local CBC Radio One

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