At the Shoppers end of Sunnyside Mall, Ice Patch Hollow Indoor Playground is targeting to open at the beginning of June

Acadian Fish and Chips has closed their Spryfield location. However, a quick turnaround in a couple of weeks Wayne & Ricky’s Diner is opening

Bayer’s Lake is getting a location of modern furniture store Structube; they will be opening beside Mark’s

The short-lived Pannizza in the Halifax Shopping Centre food court, will next month be replaced by a standalone Habanero’s.

Sniggly Wiggly’s Beer N’ Booze Concreatery is now open on Argyle, The live music bar is located where the Seahorse was for 65+ years before “moving” to Gottingen.

Halifax ReTales Closed

Manhattan Pizza on Main St in Dartmouth has closed.

Wyse Rd Shoe Repair survived they are now setup beside Subway in Dartmouth Shopping Centre. The mattress place has moved to Young St in Halifax, and Solo Vera was planning to move to the strip mall behind them. Still, no word why that area of the mall is being emptied out

Taz Records Bedford is moving 140m in June they are going in beside 30 Min Hit (part of where Video Difference was)

The Dartmouth Sears is on its way down,(the last piece of what was once mighty Penhorn Mall. A mixed office/retail space will be built. Then a few years there are dense residential plans for the rest of the property

Katch Seafood is being added to the lineup at the Pizza Girls at Pizza Corner

InFirkin Pubs who were already opening the Flyer & Firkin to replace Legends at Stanfield are also opening The Crispy Leaf Salad Shop before security

Mirchi Tandoor on Blowers is back open after a couple of month hiatus

I have been asked a few times this week so that I will mention again. The new building going up in Bedford Common is a Scotiabank, to replace the one at Bedford Place Mall

This week we look at an Instagram account I love, @honeycreweller.
I am a sucker for Instagram accounts where people share what they love to do.  And honeycreweller loves to make her own outfits. There is just simple and pure joy in all her posts. We have never met, but I am excited she is expecting because I look forward to cute baby outfits!

Claire’s/Icing did file for bankruptcy protection in the US as predicted, though they expect to recover. Canadian and European operations are unaffected

Toys R Us Canada seems to have a few suitors that plan to continue the brand while the US operation disappears

BobbyMac who has hosted the intermission at Mooseheads games for 14 seasons will retire after this playoff run.

Earlier this week I took a look at the dispensing fees that pharmacies charge in HRM, read the blog post here

Saputo who owns Baxter’s and Scotsburn are dropping the Baxter brand from Nova Scotia. Where ever Baxter’s milk was sold will now be Scotsburn like Shopper’s and Costco.

In the not sure what’s going on category The Fickle Frog posted on their social media channels Friday that they were closing, and having a cash-only party. A few hours later they changed to say they weren’t but still having a cash-only party, “Sorry for the massive confusion. We will be remaining open after tonight but will still follow through with the same deals as advertised. Are you confused? Sure. Are we? Totally. What are you doing tonight anyway? Let hang out, I miss you!” followed by “Come hang out tonight; We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so come raise a pint to the old guard with us.”
so who knows what is going on there!

I am going to get in the prediction game; Starting this summer and the next 2-3 year trend is going to be fancy ice cream in HRM we will see more and more dairy bars, and fancy ice cream shops something with more of a hook than just a scoop shop. I also think we will see more and more interesting frozen treats at the grocery store and I expect to see more restaurants selling over the top and boozy milkshakes

Also, this week gust poster Murray Wong analyzed the cost of burgers and the Feed NS donations associated with Burger Week, If you like data this post is for you. 


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