Click and Collect Grocery officially arrives at some Atlantic Superstores on Tuesday (Dec 5th) but the site is live now (and some users have a sneak preview already)

The orange stores are the pickup available (so that means you can’t do it at the green Tantallon, Cole Harbour, Young, Porters Lake or Quinpool)

The gist of it is you go to then you choose your store and then you choose a 2 hours time slot for when you are going to pick it up. there is a service charge for pickups before 5 pm on weekdays of $3
after 5 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday, it is $5/order

Then you go and search for what you need. Add it to the cart and build your list until you are ready to checkout

Complete your order and then arrive in the time slot you selected.
They have shelves and fridges where they store the goods until you arrive.

Then you roll up to the store, look for the designated pick up spots, call the number on the sign, and the clerk will bring your order out to your car. You can use credit or debit to pay (you can pay cash, but you have to go inside)

Then away you go.

In all other Canadian markets where this exists, Walmart also offers the service, so I suspect they will be on board soon as well.