Support Services Group Co-op has moved their Thrifty Treasures store from Windmill at Albro to Woodlawn Mall.

Midnight Oil Print & Design House opens on Gottingen on the 13th (near Cornwallis where Big Pony was)

Gus’ Pub kitchen is coming back to life courtesy of Riot Snack Bar

Robins Donuts (and Capt Sub) in Lower Sackville are closing on the 27th, that Robins first opened in the late 80s. The Robins in Mt. Uniacke has already closed, and work is underway to convert it to a Tim Hortons.

The Dartmouth Crossing Swiss Chalet is closing from the 16th to the 30th for a bit of a renovation. Meanwhile, it looked like Main St was going to close today to start their remodel to a Harvey’s Swiss Chalet but now it sounds as that may be delayed again until January.

Killam Properties who have been building the Alexander on Lower Water, have come to term on a long-term lease with the Historic Farmers Market and will be investing in a spruce up of the neighbouring Brewery.

Giant Tiger in Bedford Place Mall opens on the 21st .

Paderno Sale is on at the Forum this week

My favourite night of the year is Saturday , with the tenth anniversary of NocturneThe city feels so alive, the full schedule isn’t released until Thursday but plan for a night of fun all over the Peninsula and Downtown Dartmouth.

We’re #1, Nova Scotia this week became the province with the lowest minimum regular wage in the country at $10.85/hr. Alberta (Oct ’18) and Ontario (Jan ’19) have plans to raise it to $15.

Speaking of government, the Province released a survey on cannabis legislation, and the questions seem to indicate that the government is planning on being the retail distributor when it is legalized.

It was a week for bars imposing rules on their patrons, first Lion And Bright posted these in shop

and then later in the week The Dome posted about their dress code

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