A new women’s independent clothing boutique Lola & Odin has opened on Almon (between Robie and Agricola)

The new Chatime (bubble tea) and Crepe Crepe have opened at the southern end of Barrington between Green and Smith.

Zara will be opening August 16th at Halifax Shopping Centre

Pannizza is now open the Scotia Square Food Court.

Pita Pit at the Sackville Superstore has now opened.

RW&Co in Halifax Shopping Centre closed at the end of 2014 just before the major renovations at Halifax Shopping Centre began, and now they will be returning, next to the Gap this fall.

Blue Elephant (Thai) will be taking over the former Cherryberry space at Larry Uteck.

A new virtual reality place called Reality Stop is opening where American Apparel was on Queen St. Adding to a growing trend with VR places opening on Oxford and Gottingen in the last year or so.

Prospector’s Pub at Larry Uteck didn’t pan out and has closed.

Quinpool’s Modern Shanghai Bistro closed its doors last Sunday.

Choco Cafe on the corner of Lower Water and Salter has closed.

At Mic Mac Dynamite has completed its move downstairs to the 2nd floor, and next door Garage is reopened after a store refresh. Meanwhile, Pumpkin Village who has been a holiday tenant at Mic Mac for 23 years was told there is no space available for them this year.

Earlier this year I mention a place called Golden Samosa going in on Parkland Dr in Clayton Park, well gears have switched a bit, and samosas are no longer the focus, and it will now be Lazeezo Restaurant and have other Halal options, like Burger, Wings, Shawarma as well as Samosas.

Bagel Montreal Style (Wyse Rd)  is already a huge success with lines out the door and very positive reviews. I had an Onion Garlic that was still warm from the wood fired brick oven, amazing! They also have Indian desserts and Jamaican patties.

The Coast Best of Halifax
changed a bit this year, and there are two rounds of voting Round 1 was nominations, Round 2 is the final vote.
So thank you to everyone who nominated me I am a finalist for Best Blogger and Best Twitter.

As Joe Fresh rolls out its fall women’s line this week, it will now up to size 22.

Some cheekiness on North Park St at the Common.


1966 Corner of King and North in Halifax, now Java Blend.