Flying back into Halifax this morning after a lovely week of sun and latin food in Florida. Also spent a few hours walking around grocery stores fascinated by things we don’t have (mostly junk food).


Last week I mentioned Sock It To Ya was moving to Doyle St, joining Duly Noted and soon 31 Westgate but now after 17 Years on Clyde Street, Wildflower Clothing is also going to be joining the fray starting in May.

Birdies Bread Co opening a bakery in Woodside by Cheese Curds in April (currently available Saturdays at Alderney Market and on sandwiches at The Canteen)

The Coles in Bedford Place Mall is closing on April 16th

but a Giant Tiger will be opening in Bedford Place this summer

Planet Bollywood, serving Indian and Hakka Chinese is opening in the Larry Uteck area in April, they say there is a Kickstarter element launching soon.

The Needs on Coburg near Dal has closed to make way for a development.I still miss when it was a Capitol (later FreshMart)


Veritas Catholic Bookstore moving from Barrington at Blowers to Rockingham Ridge Plaza on Dunbrack


The hunt for the Great HRM Icon continues, https://brackify.com/bracket/2246/Hali-Things
we are down to the final 4!!


Coming to grocery store shelves in the next few weeks