The M&M Meat Shop in Clayton Park is getting a reno, it will be closed March 21-April 7. They now rebrand as M&M Food Market and have gone to a serve yourself model.

Pizza Girls (Sackville, Mill Cove, Portland St.) will be bringing the rightful foods back to Halifax’s late night landmark corner as they open at pizza corner in a couple months.

Yeah Yeah’s (Pizza) will be opening above Two If By Sea on Ochterloney.

While next door, Battery Park is going to 7 days a week and adding Ace Burger takeout.

The Irving station on Windmill at Wright is getting a makeover the extent of what features are being added are still not known but I have heard it will have the branding of Big Stop
This map has the current property and the new property outlined

A Kürt?skalács (chimney cake) shop called Roll On Two is opening on Granville near Duke in the basement of CIBC building


Bench in Mic Mac is now on the staying open list, I don’t get to say things like reversals often.

Lil’Eatly at Truckside on Windmill has been replaced by Sea-Hawgs BBQ, who are serving pizza, donairs, fried chicken, and ribs.

After a year off Halifax Footlongs will be steaming dogs again, but this time instead of a cart, he is going full food truck!

Sock It To Ya! will be moving from their hiding spot in Spring Garden Place to the store fronts on Doyle St.


In Toronto retail news, the Yonge St. Hard Rock Cafe will be replaced by a flagship Shoppers Drug Mart. The annual rent is $2 Million.

Hali-Things: The Great HRM Icon
I set up a bracket, vote for what feels most HRM to you (external link)
Every few days a new round begins 64 items down to 1!
We are currently in the Round of 32


Coke has finally brought it’s 165 flavour Coke Freestyle fountain machines to HRM. The Wendy’s in Bayers Lake has one but I hear they have had some early hiccups of running out of flavours.

Maybe a light update or late update next Sunday, as I am now in lovely Central Florida for the next week. I suspect I’ll find something ridiculous retail related down here 🙂