Axes are flying everywhere; I started off the week learning that Timber Lounge would be opening an Axe throwing bar at the corner of Agricola and May. Timber will have beer and food and $30 for 90min. Then late this week we find out the axe throwing chain Bad Axe is opening on McQuaid Lake Cres in Bayers Lake, but they will not have a food or bar and they will be $45 a session. I guess this is the new froyo.

Meanwhile over in the Hydrostone, Waffle Love will be serving us waffle goodness in a couple of weeks, Batter be prepared.

The former M&M’s Meats on Hwy 7 is now a gym. It’s a new location of 30 Minute Hit.

The Danier Leather in Bayers Lake started a store closing sale today.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company is opening an outlet in Sunnyside Mall this spring, as well as the previously mentioned one going in Halifax Shopping Centre.

They appear to be setting up a Tims where the Second Cup/Perks was on Quinpool and speaking of Tims the one in the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal is liquids only now.

The Darkside is in a battle with city hall over zoning and already had been fined nearly $47000.


This week my Facebook likes zoomed past the number of followers on Twitter.


The former Zellers in New Minas’, County Fair Mall to become a Value Village.I’m really not sure how successful that will be in Guys Frenchy land.

WalMart is installing a 5¢ plastic bag fee,  nationwide (starting in BC); It didn’t go so well for Loblaws a few years ago when they tried, Maritimers revolted (where we call all plastic bags Sobeys bags). This is common practice in most retailers QC west, and recently a 5p charge is now law in the UK.


Make plans to be Downtown Dartmouth after work on Friday the 12th as the 2nd Downtown Dartmouth Food Crawl starts at 5!see the details here