At the beginning of the week, I thought this would be the big deal, that Michael’s had broken ground in Bedford Commons, and were building a new store not taking over the vacant  Future Shop.
Then some guys from Sweden decided they were going to visit us and announce that they were building a store in Dartmouth Crossing, here is the map of the new layout, showing where the IKEA will be next year.


There is a recall of Dole and President Choice  branded salad greens see this for details

The NSLC in Scotia Square is closed for a few days due to “air quality” issues.

Carlton Cards in Park Lane closing end of Feb but store already mostly 50% off.

Paderno store in Bayers Lake is downsizing, it is currently closed and will reopen beside EB games in the same plaza in the coming weeks.

Subway has a new outlet open on Bell Blvd at the airport.

The Coffee Pro is opening one of their K-Cup stores in Scotia Square, but their one in Mic Mac Mall has closed.

Slow on these two but Uncles Cafe in Sackville, the only place in town I know of that had a Taco-in-a-bag has closed. As well Statement Furnishings in Sunnyside has closed.


The NSLC in Mic Mac is closed, and the expansion of the one at Braemar Superstore still looks weeks away. As well the plans to renovate the Alderney outlet seem to be no longer in the works.


Gateway Meat Market has cauliflower on sale this week for 97¢ The new standard in luxury cauliflower.


Bayers Lake, KMart (94-97). But lots of folks were arguing there was never a KMart in Bayers Lake. It was built as KMart then converted to Zellers when they took over KMart Canada. Then it was converted to a Target when they bought up Zellers leases, and now it’s currently under renovation to be a Canadian Tire next month. (all the retailers are red)



As of this week coming Walmart will now have 400 stores in Canada 300 of which are SuperCentres. Zellers at its peak only had 350.