Beazley Bowling Lanes in Forrest Hills has closed, a shame as Beazley Bowling is part of the fabric of Dartmouth for many people.

Sometimes I get things wrong, the Irving fully renovated, reopened in Beechville and there is no Subway to be found. Incidentally the Rubber Duck looks ready to open as well.

The Travelers Motel in Bedford is being converted into a mini mall. Could prove interesting to see what opens in the small spaces.

In January, a Burrito Jax is scheduled to open in Burnside on Illsley, roughly beside where the Rodeo was.

Izzy’s Bagels in Bedford were chosen #6 as the best bagels in Canada according to

Hop! Skip! Jump! the indoor playground by Lee Valley in Bayers Lake has their Grand Opening on Nov 8th.

Angles in Sackville has closed.

Premier Wine and Spirits, moving to North and Windsor Sobeys, will be rebranded as Rockhead Wine and Beer Market.

Limoncello in Historic Properties is closed.

Rite Fit (formerly Kiddie Kobbler) has closed both its stores, in Mic Mac and Bayers Lake

Milestones part of Cara (Harveys, Swiss Chalet, Montanas) is looking to open a location here in Halifax.

moose 2

Moosehead started selling growlers at the Cold Beer Store on Windmill, I have a theory on how it might work