Since entering the Atlantic Provinces last Fall WalMart has captured 2.3% of the grocery market. In that same period Loblaws stores managed to pick up another 4.4%, Sobeys is down 3.2% Costco down 0.5% Other losses are to small guys like Foodlands, coops, and other independents.

Keith’s had a PR problem when someone late night tweeted “Sluts like Keith’s” from the official Keith’s twitter account. Labatt released that released a statement that said they were “hacked”, I guess hacked means they don’t know which stupid employee tweeted it.

The Seahorse is done tonight in it’s original location.

Freshii and Thai Express entered the Scotia Square food court, Korean Garden and their “crack” Chicken return next week. Mezza was scheduled for late November.  Former tenant of the SS Food Court Dill Pickle is now operating beside Boston Pizza on Granville.

Also for the folks who work in the pedways, Italian Market is opening a prepred food counter where Coffee and Colours was in Barrington Place. They will have all the sandwiches, entrees, salads etc. that people love on  Young St.