Structube will be opening their furniture showroom in Dartmouth Crossing next weekend, it may not be Ikea but it has similar design concepts, and it is Canadian owned.

The Bite Me food truck won’t be back this year with their creative stoner inspired foods, the owner is now chef at FlipBurger downtown and hints there may be a FlipBurger Truck. In the meantime fear not as Halifax Press Grilled Cheese will be rolling on the streets this summer.
Brussels closed its Granville Square doors . They announced on social media, claiming that downtown is dying. In reality they didn’t pay their rent and we’re given the boot. There are lots of spots flourishing in Halifax, but we are demanding service and quality.

Onyx completed their move from Spring Garden to Argyle St. moving in where their former sister restaurant Q Smokehouse was.

Susie’s Shortbreads (and of course yummy cupcakes) will be relocating their Dresden Row spot for Purdys this summer.

I also took a scouting mission and found that PEI’s (Five Guys imitator) BOOMBurger in the Larry Uteck area is well under construction , GOJI has also opened in Larry Uteck,. While over in Bayers Lake, Party City is gearing up to open by McDonald’s, and in that same plaza Dragon King is closed and under renos. Where the sign has been taken down, I expect it to reopen with an AYCE Sushi theme. Take a look at my Whats in a Window  to see where I came up with these.