Being Burger Week my wife and I decided to head up to Ace Burger in Gus’ Pub , the Burger was the Jughead, so we order 2 of those and a fry, and get 2 of North Brewing’s Gus Ale to wash it down, The burger was good but missing a bit of burn on the burger but it’s excusable considering half the city was in there getting burgers.

From there we proceeded across the street for a little something more from Cafe Aroma Latino I had the Arepa think of grilled cheese surrounded by a soft corn tortilla, she had the veggie Doblado. As usual it was cheap and cheerful .

Then we proceeded a few door down the street to the Agricola Street Brasserie, there I ordered a pint of Granite Brewing‘s Ringwood Ale and she had the house cocktail. To accompany 6 oysters which were tasty and i love the wrapped lemon that comes along with it. The pace is so nice in there.

Our next stop took us all the way next door to Lion and Bright, who also have made a wonderful space in the same building. pWe ordered the perfectly executed Grilled Cheese with Brie and Apple. I was tempted by the NB made Picaroons Maple Cream but settled on Big Spruce‘s Cereal Killer which may be one of my favourite beers ever. She had the L&B Old Fashioned. No complainants with anything here. Also enjoyed that “Boats and Hoes” was chalked in the bathroom.

Next stop was a little further on Agricola where we stopped in the charming quirky Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra and had a Mexi-espresso. I love how this spot is so different than anything else in Halifax.

From there it was time to hit the always welcoming Charlie’s Club for a few gin and soda’s and a few games of pool. I won 2 out 3 but all the games were won or loss on 8 ball accidents as we are possibly the 2 worst pool players on earth.

Where to go from there? Well back to my favourite place to drink Field Guide, and though they had come up with a fabulous drink menu for  March I asked for the Suffering Bastard from January’s menu as I am a big ginger fan. we just split the drink as you have to pace yourself at times.

The next stop was EDNA I went in looking for more oysters but decided instead to divert to a pound of mussels and I’m glad I did as it went really well with my pint, again Cereal Killer was my choice.  Someone else just started drinking sparkling water.

The next stop was a just 2 blocks away at home, I can say how happy I am that I have moved to this neighbourhood, and at the same time how happy I am that this neighbourhood is evolving into such a great place to eat and drink many of the places we went Ace, Lion & Bright, The Brasserie, Cempoal, Field Guide and EDNA didn’t even exist 2 years ago. The sad thing I learned at the beginning of the night is head of the North End Business Asscoation, is moving to Ottawa and giving up what is something to be proud of.