A November 1978 ad from IKEA when they were on the corner of Windmill of Akerley

Wow 1978 was the start of Microwaves in the home this Woolco ad had one on for a meer $900 ($3000 in today’s money for a microwave!)


1973 ad from Eaton’s had a Clifton St Warehouse


A menacing 1978 from the City of Halifax

Halifax Nov

Mills and Clinique had a long history of freebie bonuses dating back 40 years too bad Mills in it’s latest carnation dropped Clinique as a line when they moved


1978 Halifax Transit was trying to get us to ride the bus, interesting if you factor in inflation it would cost $100 a month to park downtown, but only $500 to fill your gas tank (and that was based on an 8 cylinder car)



A few Ads from 40 years ago to show the opening of Mic Mac Mall


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