Why not just bite the bullet and get them right, for example we take a highway like the 102 it runs from the extension of Bayers Rd to Truro but the exits are all a mess.

we have Exit 0 which is inbound only to Dutch Village Rd.
Exit 1D Which is Dunbrack/NW Arm drive but then
Exit 1A which is HWY 103   Where are exits 1B and 1 C did I miss them?

Then Lacewood is Exit 2A Kearney Lake is exit 2 and then Larry Uteck is 2B? hunh that doesn’t make any sense and the 3 “2” exits are 6km apart

I propose we go to the km system of exits that way you easily no how far you need to go to your exit and less confusing

Exit 0 though a bad name can stay exit 0
Exit 1D become Exit 1
Exit 1A becomes Exit 2
Exit 2A becomes Exit 4
Exit 2 Becomes Exit 7
Exit 2B become Exit 10
Exit 4A/B could be exit 16E and 16W
the Airport becomes exit 34
Truro Power Centre becomes exit 93
and the end of the highway is Exit 99W and 99 E

and if they ever add ramps to Washmill overpass it can be exit 3

seems like a pretty smart idea DoT get on that