I always had a soft spot for the grungy no nonsense simpleness of the dark decor and history in table carvings was a great place to hang out and just shoot the breeze with friends , then they went a little upscale with the wood fired pizzas which were fantastic especially the white pizza, white asparagus, chicken alfredo sauce and garlic with parm if I recall. Then it changed for some reason and other reasons I found I was never really downtown and then it was annexed by the Shoe Shop and I feared that it would lose it’s identity but it has a new life as premium music venue, I recently went to see¬†Measha Brueggergosman and what a perfect venue for a stellar talent. the darkness is still there and I was a fan of their House Draught, Horse Power a special Propeller blend and then I had 2 fabulous and fun eats from the small menu. Meaghan’s Number 17 $5, which is a Scottish classic the deep-fried Mars bar if you never have had one you should and don’t be afraid to put a little vinegar on it I kid you not and the other fun item Triple Pickle $10, a deep fried pickle with pickle dip and a pickle back. What’s a pickle back? will it’s a 1oz shot of Jamiesons Whiskey chased with a 1oz shot pickle brine.

Some night you are looking for something to do and want to take a shot and some good (and eclectic) talent see what the seahorse has lined up and have a great time .