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Just a little past Dartmouth Crossing & Mic Mac Mall. We have the Tacoma Main Street area of Dartmouth. This shopping district has changed a bit over the years from the days of KMart, Canadian Tire, Lobster Trap, Steak & Stein, Ponderosa and Dominion. Yes in recent years the stores have shuffled around with Sobeys moving from one side of the parking lot to the other then expanding and then moving down the hill. Canadian Tire moved from one spot to the next and eventually moved to Dartmouth Crossing. The Hub building or Swiss Chalet seem to have a fire every other year but this shopping area has serviced the community for decades.

We have the HRM icon of JW Doull Booksellers moving in the former Wacky’s on the corner of Main and Major, Right next door we have Long and MacQuade with lots of musical instruments and lessons to be had. Then right next to that we have Ralph’s metros only Strip Club and yes they have event’s for the ladies. Across Main Street we have Smitty’s , Curves, tanning , Salvation Army store, and Lake City paints, Popeye’s supplements and Stash Box Smoke Shop and Xcitement Video. Always and Forever Bridal shop is also on Main. On the back of the Circumferential Highway we have quality Home Entertainment equipment at Glubes.

Plenty of places to eat in the pocket KFC, McDonalds (first in Atlantic Canada I believe), Burger King, Mary Brown’s, Panda Buffet, Pizza Delight, Dave Dolittles Pub, Dairy Queen, Swish Chalet, Sams Seafood, Garden View and few pizza joints oh and of Course Tim Hortons. You can also create your own meal. A brand new Sobeys  with an attached NSLC  (which is the busiest NSLC  in the province) is there.

A few Doctor Clinics and a large Shoppers Drug Mart and an equally large Lawtons are available. Even if you need to find your zen Sunrise Yoga is located on Tacoma.
The banks are represented with RBC and Scotiabank

For all you bargain shoppers there’s a Guy’s Frenchys and a Dollarama.

A Petro Canada or Esso to get your gas and a variety of auto repair shops. Or crank out the tunes at Atlantic Car Stereo

OK yes it is a bit run down
and yes the Dollarama has a Security Guard.

But the Tacoma Main Pocket has a varied collection of businesses, which service the community quite well.