From last weeks #HRMLunchToday #FishChipList  from the twitter feed here are the results

5. Henry House – the fish chips are good and the english Pub Atmosphere ads to the experience als a great place to go get you Fish and Chip on if your with one of those weirdos that don’t like Fish and Chips

4. Battered Fish – These guys are relatively new on the scene by Fish and Chip standards but they took Bedford by storm and then the Halifax Waterfront, and new permanent home in the Scotia Square Food Court, and in the winter now serving their wares to Oval crowds

3. Fries & Co – Recently changed ownership hands but these guys are a local destination and have throngs of loyal customers

2. Phils – from the that place on Purcells Cove to their Restaurnat now on Quinpool these guys take a slightly different approach with a more breaded batter and the option for fantastic salads instead of fries

1. John’ Lunch in Woodside this is the standard all other fish and chips should be judged by make the trip over to Dartmouth it is worth it


Edit: I have had a bit of feedback that Freddies in Bayers Lake is the best I will have to put them on my to eat list