#ReTalesMadness: Final Thoughts

So the start of #ReTalesMadness was 32 local restaurants I have never eaten at before, often it was a matter of geography that had kept me away. So I took all 32 and threw them in a random seed generator and came up with a playdown bracket. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have seeded them by hand.
You can see the whole bracket here http://challonge.com/ReTales.

My initial thoughts were Epicurious Morsels, Mongolie Grill, Fickle Frog and Redwood Grill would be the Final 4 with Epicurious Morsels winning. I was wrong and only had one of the Final 4 right, Redwood Grill. The other 3 were Fredie’s Fantastic Fish, Chefs Menu and Le Bistro by Liz, with Chef’s Menu coming out the champ based on your votes.

Then I visited the Final 4

Fredie’s: 2 Piece Fish and Chips 
This was easily the best battered fish I have had in a long time, all crispy and fresh fish. $9.99. The service was awesome, you order at the counter, but they bring your meal to your seat, and all the staff was cheery and welcoming.
Verdict: I will be back but next time I’m exploring scallops, clams, and Newfie fries.

Chef’s Menu: Bruschetta Burger $14
The Burger was good, but the star of this show was the garlic fries.
The service could have been better a bit of a gap from being seated to being acknowledged by the wait staff, and I wasn’t checked on during my meal (water wasn’t refilled), and the offer of a bill was a while after clearing my plate.
Verdict: I may go back if I were in Sackville and someone said where should we eat, I may suggest it but not enough to draw me out from the city.
Chefs menu

Redwood Grill: Voodoo Chicken Sandwich w/substitute spinach salad $16
The sandwich was good, the chicken was nice and moist, the spinach salad wasn’t right the poppy seed dressing was pre-dressed on spinach and carrots, and then other things just dropped on top.  The carrots threw off the delicateness of a spinach salad, and I missed the egg. The service here was terrible, 5 minutes to be seated, 10 minutes before menus and an offer of the drink, another 10 minutes before order taken, the food then did come in a reasonable time but the bill did not.
Verdict: Nothing special, no reason to go back.

 Le Bistro by Liz: Pot-Au-Feu $15.95
A glorified Ceasar Salad and glorious it was, the shrimp, scallops, and chicken were cooked perfectly, and a the salad was a damn good Caesar Salad. The service here was exceptional from the moment you walk in the door. I watched the servers, and they did not miss a beat at any table.
Verdict: I’ll be back for sure. Next time I’m going for brunch


So the vote rankings were: 1) Chefs Menu 2)Le Bistro by Liz 3)Fredie’s 3)Redwood
My rankings: 1) Le Bistro by Liz 2) Fredie’s 3) Chef’s Menu  4) Redwood

The other observation I can make is that Asian restaurants seemed to be knocked off by places that serve fries. I have also since tried I Love Pho which was good but I like Hoang Minh better, and Mongolie Grill, which I do not get the fascination with even in the slightest. I also plan to eat at Beaver Sailor, ASAP and Epicurious Morsels in the near future.

  1. Hey Its Liz from Le Bistro thanks for including us in your fun!!! I am very proud of my staff for helping me make Le Bistro a success and a great place to dine.Congrats to all the fab places out there and keep up the good work taking care of all the people who live or visit our wonderful province!

  2. I have eaten at Redwood Grill probably 25 or more times and I have never had a bad meal there. I think you should try again?

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