Pavia opened their new Art Gallery of NS coffee shop this morning. This adds to their Central Library cafes and original cafe and gallery on Herring Cove

The question keeps coming up “what’s going in the old Brewdabakers in Burnside?” Well, it’s the Down East Tap & Grill/ Brewery. It’s the original owner of Brewdabakers and Maritime Brewery

RUMOUR: Superstore to break ground on new Larry Uteck store in June (opposite side of highway from Sobeys)

dff5278d-bde0-4a07-9acd-a08ba8fa84deTerrace, Halifax Shopping Centre’s new food court will open May 4th, Healthy Way and Teriyaki Experience won’t be making their way downstairs. Neither will Venus Donair, which will be replaced by their new model Mezza Kitchen.
So if any of those 3 are a fave, just a couple weeks left.
Shanghai 360° will be ready at launch as well as all the others from the current food court. A few more spots will be added in the coming months.


DSW in Bayers Lake opens Tuesday @ 8am

Eliot and Vine will be opening on the corner of Cunard and Clifton on the 26th

Abode has moved from Doyle St to Almon, East of Robie.

The Agricola St. Brasserie owned wine bar going in Bishops Landing has a name, Little Oak will open this summer.

The Burger King in Bayers Lake is just renovating. The drive-thru will remain open in the interim


I gave my final thoughts on #ReTalesMadness, on the blog here.
I have added two new restaurants to my rotation, though.


There is a Pop-Up Market at Banook Canoe Club April 23-24