Frank & Oak is returning to HRM this time a seasonal shop in Halifax Shopping Centre opening soon, open until the end of the year and then will assess the viability long term

On Pause

It’s absolute heart break to see a neighbourhood gem and local landmark like Mid-East Food Centre emptied out so it can lay host to a For Lease sign. Mid East says they will be back in the Spring a little further North on Agricola and back neighbour Chef in the Kitchen is looking for  anew home 


The legacy of Steve’s Hydroponics lives on at Mile High Hydroponics & Curiosity Shop on Cobequid

The famous Pictou County Brown Sauce, Sams Pizza is now open in Bedford on Bloom Lane

Tufting shop YOLO Craft is open at 1359 Barrington St.

Tufting is a method of textile creation. In this method, threads of yarn are pushed through the weaves of a foundation fabric to form the yarn piles that make a textile. Tufting can be done completely by hand or mechanically by hand with a tufting gun to make rugs, wall art, pillows, and many other forms of textile art.

“In addition to the workshop, we are also selling some of our own tufting works, crafting material kits (people need to do it by hand instead of tufting gun) and some delicate knickknacks. We will also launch a service to help customers make customized works in the future. People can send their designs/patterns/pictures, and we can use tufting to make it happen”


From SaltWire

This week for SaltWire I talked about new knitting and yarn store, Fia Fia opened Saturday

“Hiding just behind the Sobeys on the corner of North and Windsor is Summit Street and there you will find, Fia Fia. It’s a knitting and yarn shop tucked away in north-end Halifax, offering all-natural yarns and tools, with a focus on sustainability and approachability.”

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