World Wide Furniture is opening a location in Bayers Lake above Old Navy/Michaels

Cafe Suda opening next month on Almon near Gottingen where Hold Fast was. Mandu, tea, and more Korean eats from the folks behind Gama by Lee (at Halifax Brewery Market)

Asian beauty store Moon Moon Cosmetics who closed their Bishops Landing store last July is now open at their new home on Fenwick Street in the podium of The Vuze (formerly Fenwick Tower)

Ok I left the boundaries of HRM this week for my SaltWire article (but just a smidge) for hot dog cart The Beefy Weiner in Enfield that wants to sling dogs all winter with a little help from a Kickstarter

The Sheet Harbour location of Scotiabank is closing in August. They are also closing locations in Westville and Sydney Mines in June.

The Suzy Shier in Bayers Lake is closing and liquidating the stock

Halifax ReTales turns 10 today
and I have never setup up a pay to play model

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